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Alisa has been featured in Houston Family Magazine, Texas Monthly,Popular Photography Magazine, NBC, CBS, FOX, NBC’s The Today Show,Houston Chronicle,Fortbend Focus to name a few. She is an internationally recognized brand for the finest in Maternity and Newborn Photography.

We are photo studio based in Houston, Texas and have been creating fine art images for 18 years!

Our studio offers a full service, boutique experience. Each of our sessions are scheduled based on our clients needs and several hours are set to ensure the images are created in a stress-free environment.

Alisa specializes in fine art photography of maternity, newborn, baby, childhood, family, and corporate headshot photos. She has several divisions under the Alisa brand. Some of which are Sexy Cat Boudoir, Urban Child Studios, and Alisa Murray Weddings. The “Rock the Shot” collection launched in January 2016 offers an all inclusive experience that gets the littles in and out of the studio with  a stress free and hassle free format.

Call the studio to schedule your sessions today! All prenatal and maternity sessions should be schedules as early as three months from your due date.







Alisa Murray Photographer, Houston’s Premiere Portrait Artist!

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Maternity Photography ranges from natural lighting with windows to dark fine art imagery. Alisa Murray Photographer has been capturing maternity in the Sugar Land, Missouri City, Memorial, Katy, Bellaire, The Woodlands and Houston areas for nearly 20 years. The maternity photography is done in three parts at the studios of Alisa Murray. The first of which is the set up of the “Wall of Life” done in black and done in a way that anyone in the family can view the collection without any fear of being too risqué. The expectant mother is shot in black lace and father listening to or kissing the belly. Wedding bands, if the couple is married also adds a nice touch. The second part of the maternity photography shoot is to capture something amazing for the nursery. Usually dictated by the gender of the expected baby, something is captured in pink or blue, or perhaps in white with both parents and is as the first part of the collection, part of a  continued piece of art to be added to later once the child arrives. The third and fourth parts of the maternity photography session is master bedroom fine art. The nude collection and the color stand alone pieces of art are gorgeous amazing once in a lifetime pieces to be enjoyed for the rest of the clients lives. Laying in a bed of roses, A signature and trademarked image from the artist, wrapped in gold tulle and laying in fine art poses that beautifully light and showcase the magnificent form of a woman’s body with child. All the images created in the maternity session have a specific place for being showcased in clients homes and are fine art investments for a family to pass down as heirlooms for many generations to come! 
Alisa Murray Photography: Alisa captures the essence of each baby through the use of props, many years of experience and knowing when to take the shot. Babies, especially newborn baby photography is a tricky business because the subject is highly unpredictable. 
It is necessary then when capturing the newborn child to do many things to try to eliminate the opportunity for a disaster…i.e. a crying infant and as a result not very well done images. It takes years of experience to be able to take a newborn into a studio and to capture perfectly each one day in and day out. 
Newborns do not know when it is day or night and in the first few weeks they do not really know where they even are. It is simple for the expert to pose them, provided the space is quiet and warm enough to keep them calm. At Alisa Murray Photography we always recommend that the parents bring adequate milk and be prepared to stay several hours in order to pose, feed and reset and repose for the most stress-free and amazing images. 
Newborn photography can be looked at in two parts. The first part is captured when the infant is barely a week old. That is the time that the newborn is generally completely agreeable to dangling from a cheesecloth or squishing up into a basket. The images that are of the tiniest newborns are best captured then. The second part of newborn photography is done with the cord having dropped approximately two weeks post delivery. The baby now is beginning to understand the difference between night and day and is easily wakened and not as easily posed. Newborns tend to do their very best when they are posed in their parents arms as they have no head control and must be fully supported. 
The 3 month baby is beginning to smile on command and has the ability to see in a well defined range approximately ten-twelve inches from its face. It can recognize sounds and will turn to the direction of familiar voices such as mom dad and siblings. The 3 month baby photography session consists of capturing those first purposeful smiles and developmental milestones. The 3 month milestones are being able to push up and hold up ones head…otherwise known as “tummy time” and to roll over, specifically from back to tummy. At Alisa Murray we do a series of faces giggling in the roses and or another textured and colorful background and then a milestone image of pushing up in the Signature A legacy Wall of life background. 
The 6 month baby is now sitting and the smilies are on purpose, engaging and the vision capability has grown by leaps and bounds. The lack to mobility but the change of perspective makes the 6 month baby photography session one of Alisa’s favorites. For the first time we can capture clothes, pretty hats, the juxtaposition of a favorite teddy bear in relation to how big or little the baby is. The 6 month baby photography session is fun and is also a great time to focus on siblings, especially if they are toddlers so they do not have to “hold” the baby because he/she can sit un-assisted. It is at this time too that Alisa takes the baby’s outside for the first natural light photography and invites the family pets to do pet photography with the latest edition to the family! 
The 9 month session is perhaps the start of the most difficult in all of baby photography. At the 9 month mark, babies are crawling or at the very least up on all fours and trying with little desire to be bothered for smiles and giggles. They are concentrating on development and becoming mobile and are constantly distracted by trying to get up and go! During this time Alisa Murray Photographer captures the crawling stage on the black background and then places the baby into something to keep it from crawling away… confinement seems to work best when trying to photograph this age as they can’t leave so they must focus on what is being done around them. Same principal with a high chair and getting them to focus on their food and eating. 
The 12 month session ends the babyhood photography stage and is culminated on capturing standing and perhaps walking and the relationship between parents and siblings. 
Childhood and Family Photography is important through the years to document what is going on with each child individually and how they relate to each other in the family as a full and complete unit. Family Photographer, Alisa Murray captures the children in their ballet, soccer, football and with their musical instruments. The images created are over the course of the child’s entire life at home so that we have everything documented from falling in love with Elmo at age 4, to a fascination with princesses from 6-12  to whoever the rock star is of that generation in their teen years! Capturing generations is super important and having many images that reflect the relationship between the child and his/her grandparents becomes priceless as the years go by.  
Boudoir Photography aka. “Sexy Cat” is one of Alisa Murray’s specialty. The session is a beautiful capture of a woman’s soul and embraces marriage and loyalty and a celebration of spending a life with someone you love. At the Boudoir sessions we start with  lingerie and tasteful nudes, we do characters such as flash dance, police officer and anything else that has significance to our couples and then we create a well appointed coffee table book in a leather album that is for his eyes only and will last a lifetime. Many times Alisa will pull the files from a previous maternity session and include in the sexy cat a few images from when the client was pregnant to fully document the private life for her couples.