Houston Twin Baby Photography with Alisa Murray | Signature Series Legacy Wall |#alisamurray

Happy Friday Ya’ll! Twin Baby Photography can be pretty tricky in you are not real clear about developmentally what is going on throughout the first few months of babyhood. For me, after nearly 20 years of capturing babies; I have a method to making sure that each stage is captured and accommodations in place for the second, third and yes…even fourth baby from the same pregnancy.

Even in the singleton case all babies are on their own pace. Some push up at 21/2 months while others refuse to do so until almost 4 months… it’s not a specific marker and can not be forced but each child should be allowed  to grow at their own timing. When I schedule the babies for their fine art check up’s I do so with a 3 month window in mind but more often it is wiggled faces on the actual developmental state. We set the firmer date into the calendar when all children are doing exactly what the next stage is and we do so when they are all comfortable doing it.

These two beautiful babies are right on track and twins even when they are not identical always seem to do things in a special way that is together but not together making their relationship different from their single sibling counterparts. These sweet babies mirror imaged themselves at their updates fro the 3 month installment in the Legacy Wall of Life. Such a sweet way to let us all know that they are connected even outside of their mother’s womb! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography

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