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I have to admit it.. despite all my artsy tendencies I am always drawn to a symmetrical room or design in literally everything! Because of my own self inflicted obsession with symmetry, I have spent years ¬†painfully having to purchase two of everything …like pillows and lamps and plants lol… I am sure that I am not alone. In fact many of my clients crave the sense of “order” that living in a symmetrical space gives.

Bedrooms feel more charming I think when we use softer colors and stack pillows on the beds in a multitude of textures and colors. They are for sure more inviting… when I do a makeover of a bedroom the very first thing I do is collect three patterns and from that we create the most amazing and comfortable spaces.

The soft palates of color that are used here are welcoming and warm despite the coolness of their actual color. What changes that? The use of a warm toned cool. It takes a great sense of color to pick the most amazing palate and discover that just a tint of brown in that “black” transforms the way it feels on the walls or in the accessories we select. It’s the difference an artist makes!


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