Photography is a seasonal business. I have been in photography since 1998, I know. One aspect remains to a degree, without season. Newborn Photography, new life comes into this world everyday. Sometimes planned, sometimes unexpected; but always shattering the parents regular life as they know it. This can be a hard transition, but it is one of the most grand of all. The stewarding of new life is a treasure to any mom and dad.

With that being said, there is always a need for the photographing of young children/newborns/infants. It is one of the most sacred times in a human life and one that we rightfully should desire to have photographed. The reason so many come to me for newborn photography is that I have a reputation of never disappointing. While sometimes my services can be pricy, I never disappoint clients with the result.

So why not have uncle Joe take your baby pictures? He says he will do it for free and it’ll be just as good as anything else. Well chances are uncle Joe is unknowingly leading you astray. Unless he is a professional photographer, they will not be as good as anything else (certainly not as good as if Auntie A takes your pictures). See photography is ART and art is never cheap. Art grows its value over time, and while trends and genres change, your art will always be beautiful.

So whatever season you are expecting, whatever walk of life you feel like you are in. Do not pass up an opportunity to have art handed down to your little one. The pictures we take will be kept in your living room till all grow old. Bless yourself and your child this season.

mg0y0045-8_0x10_0-06a-q01  Houston Family Photography with Alisa Murray is a fun, family friendly experience. We spend a lot of time playing with the littles and plan for warm ups before really getting down to the business of capturing their tiny spirits! I have been known to pull out my bubbles and feathers and play ball a time or two…not to mention singing songs and lots of snack breaks!

One of my Daddy’s told me last week after we did their session, (with four children) how happy he was. Both he and his wife had a stress free  family photography experience in getting everything they had hoped to capture and the children had a lot of fun too! That is precisely the only way it should be in getting your family images.

This little guy played peek a boo with me and had so much fun during his session too! The black and white contrast is a nice way to turn a regular playful image into a piece of fine art…sometimes it’s just that simple and all that it takes to make a photograph pop into a  piece of fine art!

Signature Sessions are available weekly by appointment and start at $250. Our Rock the Shots minis are all inclusive and come with 10 digital files for $195 and are also scheduled in 45 min spots…call 713-598-2207 to check availability as these are set for specific sets and days during the week!


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Houston Newborn photography has exploded over the past 18 years that I have been a portrait artist. I created my Signature Newborn collection in 1998 and that has been a mainstay ever since. Although I do have little baskets and wraps and cute crochet outfits, it’s always these simple black on black fine art images that hang as the heirlooms legacy wall of life for each of my families. It is important to find an artist that can create for your family a lifelong legacy wall so that each stage of their development is recorded and done so in the exact same way so that the consistency of the wall remains cohesive.

Sometimes it’s difficult to understand why you need to see your artist every three months throughout that first year but after it is all complete there really is nothing more special than to have captured these special milestones! It’s one of my greatest joys to be able to daily see my own babies as they were even as they are walking past me now taller than me and headed out to do what teens do! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography #auntieArockstheshots

Houston Baby Photography is very detailed in that there are so many changes that take place during those first twelve months and at each of them there are certain things that are the best time to shoot. For example, the reason why I always shoot babies at the 6 month mark is to capture them sitting up. They are then able to actually see me and can smile omg command.. yet another milestone. When you schedule regular sessions with an artist to capture your baby you’ll find that what you get at 3 months and at 9 months are totally different. This is why I have for 18 years created and captured my First Year of Life. At Alisa Murray Photography we specialize in capturing all of those milestones and even more! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography 

Houston’s Photographer Alisa Murray‘s “Let it Snow!” set is so beautiful showcasing silvers and blues just in time of the gifting season! Sometimes it can be a little agravatting getting everyone all set and ready for annual holiday pics and with Alisa Murray Photography it’s pretty painless. At our studios we have always provided props, clothes tight down to the bowties and hair bows so that the biggest job mom has is picking a date and driving her car with the little’s over to Auntie A’s! It’s what we do everyday and have been doing serving Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City and Memorial in Texas for 18 years! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography #auntieArockstheshots