Houston Baby Photography is very detailed in that there are so many changes that take place during those first twelve months and at each of them there are certain things that are the best time to shoot. For example, the reason why I always shoot babies at the 6 month mark is to capture them sitting up. They are then able to actually see me and can smile omg command.. yet another milestone. When you schedule regular sessions with an artist to capture your baby you’ll find that what you get at 3 months and at 9 months are totally different. This is why I have for 18 years created and captured my First Year of Life. At Alisa Murray Photography we specialize in capturing all of those milestones and even more! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography 

Houston’s Photographer Alisa Murray‘s “Let it Snow!” set is so beautiful showcasing silvers and blues just in time of the gifting season! Sometimes it can be a little agravatting getting everyone all set and ready for annual holiday pics and with Alisa Murray Photography it’s pretty painless. At our studios we have always provided props, clothes tight down to the bowties and hair bows so that the biggest job mom has is picking a date and driving her car with the little’s over to Auntie A’s! It’s what we do everyday and have been doing serving Houston, Sugar Land, Missouri City and Memorial in Texas for 18 years! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography #auntieArockstheshots

Alisa Murray’s Signature Newborn sessions keep her clients coming back year after year! The Full sessions with the artist includes a full 2 hours in the studio with use of all of Alisa’s props + Talent. Then a full presentation where she gores over each image and assists her clients in selections of the very best shots form their session. Each image that has been selected is then purchased in the size that each client needs (these range form 5×7 $99-30×40 $1500) and then completely retouched, mounted and sent directly to their homes for framing.

For over 18 years, Alisa’s clientele have relied on her art to create a plethora of beautiful art for their homes.Year after year she delivers, wall of life legacy pieces as well as beach portraits, senior portraits and so forth. We would love for you to “Experience the Difference and Artist makes!” 

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Childhood Photography is such an important part of making sure each stage is captured throughout the entire childhood years. I start capturing babies around 3 days old and  annually from 2-18! Most of my clients find it an easy commitment with priceless rewards to bring me the children at least once a year. I especially love capturing generations and encourage my grands and greats to attend as many sessions as they can!

Morning my friends! I have been capturing families for 18 years and if you have never had the experience of a studio session where the only focus is on YOU then you deserve to give that to yourself and to your family.

Starting this fall, and yes we are there folks even though we are still having 90degree days my Christmas trees and pumpkins are already out! lol We are offering a very special… SPECIAL. I introduced the “Rock the Shots” series earlier this year and many of the regular clients have called and opted in for the ease of a mini session and no outfit changes. This really has proved to be the perfect way to capture the family and get it done without all the hulla ba loo that a full Signature session requires.

These sessions are time sensitive in that they are only 20 minutes and are often booked back to back. That is very different from the Signature sessions that last up to 2 hours and have time to get ready here at the studio. When booking these you’ll want to either come early or come ready to roll! There are no presentations and basically the set of digitals that you’ll receive are picked by me and lightly edited. They wear the STAMP signature for the Urban Child collection as their trademark and NOT the tm signature.

As we approach the heavy season these minis are limited to a set either in studio or outdoors based on weather, with the primary “look and feel” being that of natural lighting. The Signature black will never be a part of these because that is exclusively for the Wall of Life Collection and Heirloom Legacy Familial walls. If you want to combine the mini session as an add on to your already scheduled “Update Signature Session” that is TOTALLY FINE 🙂 That way you can knock out stuff for giving and also get the heirloom shots you need annually for our collections we have been working on for years.


One more thing is that is you refer friends to the studio you will get a print credit. With the holidays coming up everyone needs photos and with these Rock the Shots minis being so affordable it should be an easy sale to get your friends in here to meet your Auntie A! I look forward to seeing each of you and also making some new friends as well!

Take Care Ya’ll!

Hugs and Kisses…..

Auntie A