Ahhh… 18 month sessions are always fun and sometimes challenging. The baby that would sit in one place has now transformed into a very opinionanted and determined individual. Luckily, for my Preferred Auntie A club members the children are actually recognizing me by now and that makes for a whole lot of fun and less “warm up time.” The Signature Sessions are also at the 18 month marker the start to the exclusive house parties at the artist home…ie. me and when they can really run around and explore the yard without the pressure of an actual “performance.”

My Sweet little boy Cohen has been a cute pie ever since birth and each session brings more fun stuff for us to “get into” together! Of course we had to do his “update” for the Legacy Wall of Life and the signature window shot that I always do for every preferred family at this age… but when we really had some fun was outside chasing the cats and finding sticks! He is so very much a BOY! 🙂


How do I create unique portraits? KNOW YOUR SUBJECTS. Build a relationship with your artist! So probably the best way to make sure you get great shots is of course making sure that you incorporate settings that reflect who and what reflects you as a family. These girls live in the city and their father is an artist so what makes sense is to go to places that reflect their lifestyle…urban living and use the beautiful sculptures that Houston Art scene has two offer as props.

The idea of framing the family within a sculpture is a wonderfully unique way to capture a memorable portrait and using whimsy to mimick the sculptures in the garden is playful and beckons memories of childhood. I love being an artist and taking the time to create lasting and specifically unique images that reflect each of my families tastes and lives is an important job and one that I do not take lightly. That is why I always tell my newbies that I am your artist for life…what I do is not to just see you one time and then that’s it. No, my relationships between artist and family is a direct reflection of  my work of who they are and what they are about and that my friends is the difference an artist makes! #artist #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography

Auntie A’s

                                         Top Tips for families before their photo session
Sometimes…family photo sessions can be challenging…for not only the family, but sometimes the photographer as well. We are always planning ahead in the studio as most all of my clients see me annually and have well in advance of their sessions plenty of time to find the right outfits and prepare for am amazing day of creating beautiful art!

1. I always ask you to choose their clothing thoughtfully, and by that I mean picking something that reflects who you are as a family and will go nicely as a piece of art in your home. What do your dream family photos look like? If they are soft and elegant? Chose neutral colors with soft, flowing fabrics…. think creams, very soft pastels, oatmeals, light browns, tans, grays, and slate blues. Want to showcase the fun and spunky side of your family? Choose coordinating colors (but not matchy, matchy) with bold accent colors, such as hues of gray with yellow or bright red accents. Adding fun accessories like scarves, headbands, hats, etc. can add a modern twist and sassy flair to your images.

2.Please feed the children and furry babies and make sure Grandma has had a nap! I always ask and we must pay attention to not schedule your photo session around your child’s naptime. Also if the children have had a cold or a fussy night it is ALWAYS best to reschedule. I would rather have perfect shots than a total meltdown and have to be rescheduled anyway.

3. Timing is EVERYTHING….The session starts when you book it and doing hair and makeup and having lunch is not supposed to be a part of that time. Sure… we stop and nurse and have snacks but the session goes way better if everyone has hair done and is ready to start so we have plenty of time to stop and play and get great images. Houston is HOT too so when we plan stuff for outside we do that in the morning or late afternoon and of course the studio is perfect at anytime!

4. An Ode to my sweet Doodlebugs! My Dads all might not love taking pictures…but they love Auntie A! I try real hard only to call you in on the most important of shots because I get it…I know what you really think about having to take pictures and it’s not anywhere near as much fun as watching football or playing golf but… it is vastly important. When she’s all grown up and gone and there’s that Wall of life staring back at you everyday with your mother’s hands in a generation shot, and her sweet toothless smile you’ll thank me. When we are all gone and your next generations are here to inherit the beauty of where they came from and can see their resemblances in the sparkle of your eyes that I as your artist captured….You’ll find me in heaven and thank me again… there really isn’t much more important to leave behind than the legacy of heirloom portraiture.

5. Plan to have a lot of fun! I am with my families for years and  every session is as unique as the sweet families that I care for. Sometimes we are tickling each other and other times we are in a more posed posture. All of the sessions are a part of the memories of childhood for “our” children and each time they visit their Auntie A it has to be filled with laughter and fun!

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Houston Newborn Photographer Alisa Murray’s Signature Newborn sessions start with a call from the hospital that the baby has arrived! Three days post delivery I usually see the weeone’s for the first time and then again as soon as their umbilical cords drop! The sessions last about an hour and then mommy and daddy go home to rest. The wraps and props that I use for my weeone sessions are mostly mine with occasionally a blanket that someone special has made sprinkled in. The weeone session is part of my First year of Life collection that is ongoing with all of my clients for their Legacy familial walls of heirloom portraiture. Because of the schedule being “on call” for my littles to arrive it is very important to call me so I know when you are due. I have certain spots weekly set aside just for newborns who have dropped their cords and are ready to complete their newborn session with me as well as for freshly arriving weeones to be captured all squished up! 713-598-2207 that’s my main line and the best to reach me…P.S. I love texting as well! 🙂 Happy Tuesday to you all!

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Possibly the most important investment a parent will make is in the Fine Art Photography of their family. It is the photography of a lifetime and finding the right professional is all important. Each family has different goals for what they want to eventually end up with in their homes and to pass down for generations. That’s what we are talking about here folks… these little sessions all add up to build a lifetime  of memories; whether it be of maternity photography, newborn photography or family photography. These pieces of art are then enjoyed obviously by the parents and then passed to the children…but it is really when all of us that are here are all gone and generations have passed…that the magnitude of their significance can be realized.


Fortunately, as Houston’s premiere baby photographer, I have had the opportunity to guide some of Houston’s most discerning families through the maze of creating collections for their homes that reflect their artistic style and familial investment goals. Some want amazing maternity and a few images of the children selective over ten years. Others want each stage captured and on display for everyone to enjoy, others want large canvases that I have converted to actual paintings and others still want little coffee table books and nothing on the walls. It does’nt matter what we do as long as we do something. The time that we have to capture the children is fleeting and in order to have what you need for your legacy we must plan and create accordingly so that you have fine art photography for generations to enjoy!

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