Often I go to my clients homes and they are afraid to use color in their homes… afraid that they will make a bad choice. I can completely understand that seeing how there’s so many to choose from it can be quite overwhelming and confusing. How do you transition a kitchen that you want to be blue with the adjoining den that you crave to stay white? How do you incorporate pops of color without having your home look like a rainbow circus? This is why you should consider using a designer.

Just the other day I went over to a client who I have photographed for years and years and she wanted exactly that. The husband loves all that white and she just needed something a little different in her space… I  suggested we start looking at colors she already had because of her travels she has collected lots of amazing keepsakes and many of them were blue. We began by holding colors up to her things and then moved on to looking at those for potential wall choices. We settled on a beautiful blue to compliment what she already had and loves. The results? AMAZING!

Cost to accomplish? Painter and paint… I was free of course with my special consultation.  Creating unforgettably spaces that are YOU! #alisamurray #alisamurrayinteriors #alisamurrayphotography #auntieAdesigns