Sugar Land Family Photography with Alisa Murray. Spring pics are sure to please both you and your little one! “Auntie A” has a beautiful patch of bluebonnets and daffodils that the little’s love sitting in and laughing up a storm! Catch yourself a spring fling special for $350.00 includes a mini session and 3 digital files. #alisamurray #auntieArockstheshots

Houston Family Photographer Alisa Murray Fine Art Family Session. The magic happens when you capture them at play…I’m sure someone somewhere has said that before. It’s true and should be followed when looking at really being the portrait artist for a family. Each family is a special and unique unit that has their own nuances and capturing that can be a bit tricky. It is always best  when you know the family likes and dislikes such as preferences for silly and natural “UNPOSED” images or if indeed the posed structure is what they crave, having plenty of the silly on their iPhones! Although, I don’t think you could ever have “too much silly!” LOL What I do want all of us to be thinking about regularly though is there has to be fine art of your family in your home. All of your memories of childhood and family can not all be digital… and if something were to happen top the cloud or hard drive or whatever your are going to have absolute nothing to pass to your next generations… that is why it is so important to capture a lot and print some that are really great! #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography


There is nothing more beautiful… than what you ask? Maternity photography is what! I have loved painting women when I was in art school and I have loved shooting women as a maternity photographer in Houston for the past nearly 20 years.

Usually I shoot maternity in four parts with each section giving a vast array of options for beautiful art in my clients homes. I have a vision of an overall and long term plan for galleries and collections that will showcase each family as they grow and are appropriate for all cultures and sizes of castles. My clients depend on me to create all the art they have and I love that they trust me with their legacies and also with the heirloom investment that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography












Tips for Organizing and storing your photos

Over the years I have gone from shooting film files to shooting digital files as most professional portrait artists have done. It is a tremendous task and responsibility to store and keep organized all of my clients images. Only one year in nearly 20 we had a shake up with the loss of about 6 months of imagery. That was a sorrowful loss that still upsets me to this day because it is stuff that’s priceless. With clients increasingly wanting to have digital only, I have started encouraging them to store all  pictures in the clouds where they can be accessed with a password remotely. I recommend they put it on their computer and save it there as well as having a third external hard drive that holds everything and is for ease of retrieval organized by years.
The idea that digital is there forever may not be a reality and like those of us that have nightmares that their calendars are suddenly wiped clear with no paper backups,  there is always the chance that the clouds and the drives fail and are robbed of their contents!  As an artist that makes a living creating and printing images, I always tell my clients if you love this image yes i’ll give it to you digitally but we need to print it so your have it for your home and safely under your watch forever!

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Why do we take so many photographs?
There are several reasons why we take tons of pics. We want to capture every moment and we think by having our iPhones constantly on standby that somehow everything in our lives will be documented. People are collectors. We like to gather things and add them to collections that we have that make up triggers for our memories that help us to sort and  make sense and bring order to  our lives.
I recommend that each family takes a few pics then puts down their cameras. The brain needs to process making a memory as much as there is the need for an object to be created from that moment..i.e. a photograph. Memory making  works different parts of the brain than  when you are focusing on taking a picture. If you are constantly taking pictures and stopping to enjoy moments then your memory will be that of taking picture sand not of the actual moment. NOT GOOD! It is as if you are there but not there. You begin to feel like a extra in a film of your life. Each child should have a book made of their childhood and the images created for those should include both mom and dad’s takes but the takes from siblings, with grandparents and if they can afford it, the eye of a professional portrait artist. 

 Regularly going to see a professional will give you different perspectives that are virtually impossible to re-create or to create at all because the professional sees each family and as their friend knows the relationships between parent and child and child and sister and the family dog. If you’ll do all these things; when the kiddos are graduating and leaving for university then you will have captured fully your  family during the growing years without feeling like a film director at every meal or special event or a by stander in the story of your life!  #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography  #auntieArockstheshots