Baby Photography | Alisa Murray Photography | How do I get all those smiles? |#alisamurray

April 11, 2017By Alisa MurrayHouston Baby Photographer, Houston Child Photographer, Houston Childhood Photographer, Houston Family Photographer, How to do photography

Good Morning! Baby Photography at Alisa Murray Photography is about as stress freer as taking a day off to go to the spa. Seriously? Yep! Seriously! I probably get asked twice a week if not more “How do you get the babies to smile?” I always say the same thing…I just do. Patience and perseverance … Read More

Why do we take so many photographs? | Houston Family Photographer Alisa Murray explains….| #alisamurray #takingphotosalldaylong

February 24, 2017By Alisa MurrayHouston Family Photographer, How to do photography, Photographer

Why do we take so many photographs? There are several reasons why we take tons of pics. We want to capture every moment and we think by having our iPhones constantly on standby that somehow everything in our lives will be documented. People are collectors. We like to gather things and add them to collections … Read More