Memorial Baby Photography | Alisa Murray’s Signature Giggling in the roses session| #alisamurray #alisamurrayphotography

Memorial Baby Photographer Alisa Murray’s Signature Giggling in the roses collection started in 2003. This collection was first featured on NBC in Houston and has been a well appointed requested set from the artist ever since! Roses collections are a perfect play on a beautiful background and the many faces that a baby makes through the 3month to 6 month stages of development.

I created the series after having shot so many babies in the various blankets in my studio. I discovered the timelessness of roses and how they are the perfect backdrop for a babies sweet expressions. Many of my clients choose to have me shoot roses at both their 3m and 6m sessions so that we have material captured to form a full wall of gorgeous faces for their homes. I love the series and it is one of my most treasured that I have of my own son!

My children have been my inspiration for my art through the years and often I will try out my idea with them prior to making its a regular offering at the studio. The Giggling in the roses is such a series, having shot James in the roses first and then became inspired to gift each client with the same beautiful imagery for there homes!

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