Sugar Land Baby photography is booming! Each year I have a whole new group of babies to come do my Signature 3m sessions. Traditionally, I always capture the babies in the black background for the Legacy Wall of Life and the giggling in the roses series is a trademarked collection!

We also enjoy shooting grandparents and a few nursing shots too! This is also a great time to capture siblings if the older ones are a blessing to hold up and prop the baby!

This sweet little is posing so fantastically! He has such a great temperament and his parents are super sweet too! I enjoy taking care of the whole family and truly creating lasting art for each client that reflects who they are. #alisamurray #auntiearockstheshots #alisamurrayphotography #houstonbabyphotographer #houstonbabyphotography #houstonmaternityphotographer #sugarlandmaternityphotography #houstonnewbornphotographer