Good family photography happens when several elements are present. You have to have all the children happy and fed and in a great mood, great locations and lighting and a connection with the artist that is creating for your family a memory to last years to come. That last one is harder to find than any of the rest and it is precisely what I have cultivated for nearly 20 years being a portrait artist to so many families. I can not explain it but when the children run to to me and  call me “Auntie A” it is guaranteed that every session we do is perfect. I shoot families that see me once here and there all the time but when they ask “How come all your work looks like they know you and they are all sparkling?” I have to c ones that magic does not happen unless you as the client invest time and friendship into the relationship. Simply said… if you treat me like family then the  children will see me as their family and open up and given their best…. if you show up and treat me as a hired photographer and bring along with you a bunch of other people’s pics that you expect me to copy..i.e.  treating me like I have no creativity…then they see that and I feel that and your experience will not be the same. It is always best to find an artist that you like and then hire them letting  their style and  creativity shine as they capture your family.  #alisamurray