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Auntie A Travel Designer

You know I love to travel and one of the most requested things my clients ask me for is my detailed lists of what you should bring. I have developed these based on where and with whom I am traveling. When my children were babies I had to really organize based on space allocated and what we would need along the way…allowing for me to purchase daily necessities once we had arrived.

As I have now been able to travel sans children those lists change dramatically based on several factors. Am I traveling in the states? Out of the country? Which country? Will I be in water or hiking or with horses or sightseeing? Each place brings with it a need for thoughtful packing and planning and there are several items you will not be able to gather once there so it’s always best to bring along items that will make your stay more enjoyable. Why not right?? I mean if the difference between having a great vacation and having a “vacation” is in the level of comforts we have; then believe you me.. Auntie A ain’t going traveling without her stuff!

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